1. At the end of this life, if it takes more time to list what you have done than what you haven’t, you have nothing to regret.

  2. two strangers

    we could be two strangers in the morning, you know

    everything we were, not even your fondest memory

    not even at all.

    we could be two strangers

    one in bed, one on the train,

    and not one tear for either

    because we always look too far ahead

    when what we needed stood right before

    because we’re a long forgotten melody

    to a song no words were written for

  3. graffiti in Dingolfing, Deutschland. 2012.

  4. Regensburg, Bayern. DE

    Regensburg, Bayern. DE

  5. Innsbruck, Austria. 2012.

    Innsbruck, Austria. 2012.

  6. forget me not

    Steps fade quietly into the night,

    away from huge LEDs and carnival spires

    I’ll follow him into the dark,

    If only because he asked me…

    'I don't like the noise,' he says,

    Inside, words rush staccato from ear to ear,

    While quiet conversations here, flutter sleepily from mouth to mouth,

    with precious confessions lingering on the air,

    'I don't like the noise,' his quiet words,

    He’s drunk on German beer, but doesn’t stumble,

    Our wrists click together with each step but fingers miss one another in every stride,

    He’ll never be the first, and neither will I,

    And still, we walk on regardless,

    The dark sky above climbing over rooftops broken by pinpricks of Heaven only

    and that Heaven is always another step beyond us

    because he’s afraid of the things that haunt him,

    and I can’t make us disappear,

    'You're walking too fast'

    'You've had too much'

    The carnival lights are calling,

    and it’s half past the new day,

    By now, anyone but you is a stranger,

    and strangers keep calling my name

    So he holds me tight,

    for just a moment, or a minute, or ten,

    and I know that he won’t ever forget,

    and for all the days I’m gone, won’t sleep at night,

    We both know the plane leaves at 9, 

    and it flies over Europe, and the Atlantic, and Maine

    'But I'll see you again,

    5000 years from now like the 5000 miles from here,

    Just two strangers in a stranger land.’

    July 7. 2012.

  7. February 2012. watercolor.

    February 2012. watercolor.

  8. december 2011. acrylic. Old Market, Omaha, NE.

    december 2011. acrylic. Old Market, Omaha, NE.

  9. when the lights turn off

    fists beat the unwary breath, thunderstruck

    gifted from one to the next

    as the ground shakes,

    neither with cause nor without it


    it pulls them closer, closer

    until the beat of his feet crash

    in the rhythm of her hips


    smells like trouble brewing in the stench

    the sweet smell of a common unworry

    like a teenager when nobody’s looking

    a child, like every body should be


    darkness on your eyes

    a strobe flash to the

    sound, the beat, the crowd - it’s all you are.

    not who you were and not who you will be

    when the lights,